Barrier Plants

Barrier Plants Can Stop Both Pigs and People!

Are your home or estate gardens being torn up by pigs that uproot precious and expensive landscaping? Do you want to discourage wondering foot traffic from walking on your land? Barrier plants may provide a solution.

"A closely planted row of agave plants can form an animal-proof barrier that will also deter humans."
- Solid Waste Management: Critical Issues For Developing Countries,
edited by Elizabeth M. Thomas-Hope

Wailua River Nursery grows large numbers of agaves that will serve as a barrier to pigs and intruders. The island of Kauai is estimate to have a wild boar population that is twice that of the human population. With 120,000 pigs on this small island, what can you do? Plant thick perimeter borders of barrier plants.

We have the following plants that will serve this purpose:

Pigs at work!