Nursery Image of Wodyetia bifurcate

in our nursery.

Lot #1:  Quantity: 300;   Container: 1 gal pot;   Available On: 2012-11-01;  Unit Price: (Call Us)
Lot #2:  Quantity: 300;   Container: field;   Available On: 2012-08-01;  Unit Price: (Call Us)
  • Botanical Name: Wodyetia bifurcate Common Name: Foxtail Palm
  • Description: Very popular medium stature smooth self-cleaning truk and feather-like (or foxtail) fronds 8 to 10 at a time. Our in-ground stock is 15 feet tall about 4 feet of brown trunk. Trunk caliber at 1 foot above ground is 13 inches at four feet caliber is 8 inches. Transplants easily.
  • Mature Size: Height: up to 30 feet; Width: 16 to 18 feet
  • Seasonality: Evergreen;   Armor: none;   Water Requirement: medium;   Salt Tolerance: unknown;   Wind Tolerance: high;   Indoor: no;   
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